UX Compagnon
—UX learning, the Open Compagnon way.

I do not wear T-shirts, I do need a good shave every morning, I love everything XIXth century related, I talk to imaginary friends, and I am passionate about Web, Mobile and Blockchain technologies.

I am on the road again… for my UX Canada trail “A Mari usque ad Mare” volunteering from one UXD project to another… the Open Compagnon way.

I am passionate, resilient, and I experience UX learning the gritty self-learner way.

I am volunteering from Vancouver to Saint John’s and every place in between for one UXD project to another.
I take the less traveled route, searching for work in the smallest less traveled cities, working for the least covered industries and companies, and for the most unconventional people and organizations in Canada.

I highly regard the so-called unsexy businesses, the bootstrapping entrepreneurs, the 50+ passionates, selling products or services people actually want, need and wow.

While visiting, I’ll be interviewing UX students, mentors, entrepreneurs and share their learnings to all UX apprentice architects.

My keywords of interest: UX, storytelling, content marketing, strategy, China market, Weixin platform, smart asset exchange, Blockchain, crowd investing, silver economy.